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September 14, 2020 | View as webpage
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In top news this week, hundreds of thousands of essential workers in Michigan are now eligible for free college. Initially announced in April, the Futures for Frontliners program is now accepting applications from residents who worked in places such as manufacturing, nursing homes, grocery stores, sanitation, delivery, retail and more.

And in honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we're highlighting what your community can do to prevent suicide. Suicide is a complicated subject – with no easily identifiable, one-size-fits-all solution – but that hasn’t stopped communities all over the country from making meaningful strides to help those citizens who would intentionally self-harm.

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625,000 essential workers in Michigan eligible for free college: What to know
The program is a $24 million investment funded by the Governor’s Education Emergency Relief Fund, part of the federal CARES Act
Mayor orders San Diego's Smart Streetlights turned off until surveillance ordinance in place
Portland approves strictest ban on facial recognition technology in the U.S.
Va. city bans guns on public property during protests
Momentum slows in Minneapolis City Council's plan to remake police
NH city considers mask exemption for first responders
Bridging the Generational Divide [White Paper]
Public safety veteran Rex M. Scism identifies the unique qualities that accompany each generation in the workplace and how they compare.
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Single vs. Multi-Tenant Architecture for Budgeting
Why does cloud architecture matter for budgeting? What are the pros and cons? Evaluate the best architecture for your unique requirements. Read the report "Single vs. Multi-tenant – Choosing the best cloud architecture for public sector budgeting."
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What your community can do about the growing suicide epidemic
By Megan Wells 
Communities all over the country are making meaningful strides to help those citizens who would intentionally self-harm
5 wildfire safety steps everyone should know
By Rachel Engel 
Wildfire safety tips, like evacuating efficiently and listening to those in charge of rescue efforts, will help ensure your family survives a wildfire
9/11 communications lessons forgotten
By International Association of Fire Chiefs 
Almost 2 decades later, emergency radio channels used for COVID-19, terrorism scheduled to be cut
15 years post Hurricane Katrina: 3 lessons from local EMS
By Nicole M. Volpi  
Reflections from New Orleans medics who remember what it was like to work in one of the largest disaster medical response efforts in Louisiana history
‘Stop being afraid to be judged’ about your reactions to on-the-job experiences
By Jason Patton  
True mental toughness means not burying emotions or avoiding difficult conversations
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