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No coverage of economic development could really be complete without discussing -- hold breath, roll eyes or lean in -- cannabis. Review a report on the launch of the Massachusetts recreational market with policy and technical resources for local governments, and find out what's happening to revenues in California because of black market pot sales.

In Tech, we hear from HHS Chief Data Officer Mona Siddiqui on silo smashing and how DeKalb County is reducing violence in crime hotspots using ER data.

July 4th has passed, so Back to School coverage on EfficientGov begins with $21 million in Stop School Violence grants. Also, read about how Camila and Matthew McConaughey's foundation afterschool programs thrive through partnerships.
EfficientGov Editor, Andrea Fox
Why Recreational Cannabis Markets are Slow-to-Start
By Andrea Fox
There's three reasons recreational cannabis sales aren’t happening yet in Massachusetts. What does it take for local governments to oversee them — or prevent them entirely?
Community Foundation Partnerships Can Bolster Emergency Response
Learn five steps to engage a community foundation on public safety resiliency.
This Afterschool Partnership Teaches Students Self-Reliance in 5 States + D.C.
just keep livin supports 70+ teachers and 2,500+ students in making positive choices.
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